MSU’s student government ASMSU trying to get out the vote

It’s supposed to be the voice of the student body. Many students know what ASMSU stands for, but not what they do. “Associated Students of Michigan State University, but other than that I don’t know exactly what they do on campus,” MSU senior Jake Fowler said. That poses a problem, trying to get students to vote on campus. Assistant Director of Marketing Sophia Wright says ASMSU has been working to make themselves more well known.

Customers Get Their Paczki on Fat Tuesday

LANSING, Mich (FOCAL POINT) – “When I pulled in at 6:30 there was a line out the door.”

It’s Fat Tuesday at Roma Bakery. “Hello. Just a dozen for ya?”

And that means customers are here to get their paczki. “Now do you want the chocolate whipped or the chocolate cream, sir?” “Make four of each.”

Jeffrey Mills is stocking up for the week.

MSU Advertising Students Travel to China

Last month sixteen students from Michigan State traveled more than 6,000 miles around the world to Beijing. Twelve of them competed in the annual One Show Youth Creative Workshop Competition and 5 of them are already making money on youtube. Stepping off the bus and into a foreign country, 12 Michigan State advertising students vying to win gold. “Are you guys looking for more illustration stuff?” senior Briana McNamara asked a group of Chinese students.

MSU College of Engineering Design Day

It’s Design day at Michigan State. “A few long days in the shop and then we got it all done,” one student said. Visiting high school seniors were eager to learn and play. “Was the assignment given to you?” asked high school sophomore Adam DorstewitZ.

Bond reduced for MSU student charged with terror threats

Twenty-three-year-old Sydney Gort was back in court today for a bond hearing, after being arraigned on November 26 for two counts of a false report or threat of terrorism in the Packaging building at Michigan State University.

After sitting in jail for more than a week, Sydney Gort appeared alongside her attorney Ryan Berman. In court he referenced the pretrial services report.

10 Resident Assistants Removed from Akers Hall

There are 10 less people walking through doors of Akers Hall. Tucker Alchin says her RA was like an older sister to residents. “She cared about every single one of us, and she would help us with any kind of situation we were in and she was a good role model too,” Alchin said. Alchin’s role model is now gone, removed from her position because of an incident on September 19 when a group of RAs allegedly had a party in Akers Hall. That’s something that is against university policy.

Victory for MSU

The Michigan State University fight song has a storied, 100 year old history. Henry Nelson was born just 8 years before its creation. “I was in the band 1940 to 43,” Nelson said. “I’ve probably played the thing with no exaggeration at least a thousand times over the years in one unit or another.”

It’s tradition to open every marching band rehearsal by playing it. “It’s something we all care about.