MSU’s student government ASMSU trying to get out the vote

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It’s supposed to be the voice of the student body. Many students know what ASMSU stands for, but not what they do.

“Associated Students of Michigan State University, but other than that I don’t know exactly what they do on campus,” MSU senior Jake Fowler said.

That poses a problem, trying to get students to vote on campus. Assistant Director of Marketing Sophia Wright says ASMSU has been working to make themselves more well known.

“Making students aware that they do pay this tax money and not only that they pay it but they do receive benefits because of it and they do have the chance to have like have a say in the college,” Wright said.

ASMSU tells us last year only 3 percent of nearly 50,000 students cast a vote.

“I know they’re doing elections right now but i don’t know exactly who’s running,” MSU freshman Madison Job said.

ASMSU Director of Public Relations Sam Noss says with so few people voting, your vote does count.

“One of the hardest things about getting people to vote in general, whether it’s student elections or elections for president, is just getting them out there to do that,” Noss said. “So what we’ve done is given students the ability to vote online.”

“I do think it’s important for them to vote because they give the student body a voice on subjects important to us,” Job said.

Those on student council and in ASMSU help make decisions within colleges, allocate money to student groups, offer free iClickers and blue books, and even free legal advice.

“I think that there’s a lot of value that they add to the campus, it’s just a matter of if students take advantage of it or not,” Fowler said.

“Spread the word,” Wright said. “Vote, and we’ll do our best to represent you the best way we can.”

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