Exclusive with Dansville American Idol Contestant

“My life was music, so naturally they followed suit,” Bill Moran, father of American Idol contestant Jacob Moran, said

So, this was no surprise for Bill when Jacob got the call. “American Idol actually ended up reaching out to me, said Jacob Moran, American Idol contestant. “I was in my last month of nursing school so it wasn’t really ideal timing,” said Jacob. That’s when Jacob was asked to audition for American Idol. A nurse by night, but this coming Sunday, he managed to get the night off.

CM Life Newspaper takes on sexual assault case

This story started in December 2016 when Central Michigan University student Ian Elliott abruptly resigned his post as student president. “Emily Davis was our summer editor and chief, she walked into my office one afternoon after receiving an email from a sexual assault survivor,” said CM Life Advisor Dave Clark. In 2016, Central Michigan student, Rachel Wilson, claimed she was sexually assaulted by Central Michigan student body president, Ian Elliott. In 2018, she hoped to receive justice. “In April, a few weeks before the case was set to go to trial, the case was dismissed by the prosecuting attorney due to a lack of evidence,” said Editor-In-Chief Emma Dale.

Elissa Slotkin opens congressional office in Lansing

After six weeks in her Congressional Office in D.C., Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin booked a trip home. Slotkin invited the community to join her in Lansing where she opened a Michigan congressional office. She stresses the approach of radical listening and an open door policy within the community. She said it’s about people, relationships and knowing who represents you. “You have to be present, you have to be in the community, people have to know where you are,” she said.

Troop 164 rewrites history

“Its hard to tell your children that they can’t do something,” Troop 164 Scoutmaster, Marla Ekola, said. Marla Ekola is penciling in her daughter’s future. Re-writting a tradition if you will. Troop 164 is making history. They’re a part of Scouts BSA, formally known as Boy Scouts of America.

Doctor shortage across the U.S.

For MSU senior Macy Lockhard she’s the first to receive an admission letter to Wayne State University. “For me, I’ve always been someone who wanted to dedicate my life to others,” said Lockhart. Her dream manifested into a reality. However, that reality comes with a price. By the end of the next decade, the U.S. will be short of around 130,000 doctors across the country.

Our future is self-driving cars

It’s hard to believe. “This is running our pedestrian protection systems in real time. And every time we have human either riding a bike, or walk or running you will detect him as a yellow box,” said professor Xiaoming Liu. Liu works behind the scenes on autonomous, self-driving cars. General Motors recently announced they’re reinvesting six billion dollars in self-driving, electric cars.

Two decades later, this MSU fan hasn’t missed a single game

It started with two tickets to a volleyball game 19 years ago. Two decades later, they haven’t missed a single game. Stephanie Russell traded in barbie dolls for basketball and baby dolls for volleyballs a long time ago. “Love, love state,” said Russell. A love for State so big, everything in her room is sparty-filled.

‘Voters Not Politicians’ pushing Michiganders to vote Yes on Proposal 2

It is basically Abby Schwartz’ second career. “It gets a little bit easier each time,” said Voters Not Politicians canvasser, Abby Schwartz. Each week, Schwartz trains her army of canvassers on Gerrymandering. Margaret Tassaro is just one of them. “Gerrymandering is not a flashy subject, so people don’t necessarily know what it is.

MSU marching band holds down the fort at Sparty Statue

It may be considered the most important job during rivalry week and an exhausting one. The MSU Marching band safe guards the Sparty Statue all week long leading up to the big game. In years past, University of Michigan fans have vandalized the beloved-statue in the middle of the night. Sparty Watch is an annual tradition organized by members of band fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi and each night they plan fun events to help pass the time. Coach Dantonio stops by annually to drop off pizza and to thank the band for their service to MSU.

Climate change may affect growing corn, Michigan’s largest crop

It is a pure coincidence for science. Hurricane Michael slammed into the Florida panhandle just two days after the United Nations released a hefty document on climate change. The United Nations warning that temperatures can not exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius within the next decade. “The climate’s not changing because the Planets evolving, the climate is changing because humans are messing with it,” said natural hazards professor, Robert Drost. “We have become so integrated, so powerful, so influential that we are changing the natural course of our planet,” said Drost.