Exclusive with Dansville American Idol Contestant

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“My life was music, so naturally they followed suit,” Bill Moran, father of American Idol contestant Jacob Moran, said

So, this was no surprise for Bill when Jacob got the call.

“American Idol actually ended up reaching out to me, said Jacob Moran, American Idol contestant.

“I was in my last month of nursing school so it wasn’t really ideal timing,” said Jacob.

That’s when Jacob was asked to audition for American Idol.

A nurse by night, but this coming Sunday, he managed to get the night off.

“I’ll be in Dansville with my fellow Dansville people,” said Jacob. “We will be watching the show, watching my audition.”

For a town with only 565 people, it’s a big deal.

“The talk of Jacob its been rolling like a wildfire really,” said owner of Wooden Nickel, Ryan Carter.

Carter thinks half of the town will show up because Jacob’s the talk of the town.

“That’s one thing if you ask anybody about Jake… that’s the first thing they’re going to say. He’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet,” Bill said.

You can find Jacob’s audition on American Idol Sunday night on ABC. He will perform “Is That Alright?” by Lady Gaga from A Star is Born.

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