CM Life Newspaper takes on sexual assault case

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This story started in December 2016 when Central Michigan University student Ian Elliott abruptly resigned his post as student president.

“Emily Davis was our summer editor and chief, she walked into my office one afternoon after receiving an email from a sexual assault survivor,” said CM Life Advisor Dave Clark.

In 2016, Central Michigan student, Rachel Wilson, claimed she was sexually assaulted by Central Michigan student body president, Ian Elliott. In 2018, she hoped to receive justice.

“In April, a few weeks before the case was set to go to trial, the case was dismissed by the prosecuting attorney due to a lack of evidence,” said Editor-In-Chief Emma Dale.

Rachel found herself in CM Life’s newsroom. Her story in the hands of Emily Davis.

“She had been let down by so many people. And I could see that when I talked to her,” said investigative reporter Emily Davis.

Emily and Rachel worked on the story for four months collecting almost everything.

“Police reports, court transcriptions… everything that had to do with her case,” Davis said.

On October 11th, 2018 the first article was published.

Less than a month later, the attorney generals office filed a motion to reinstate the charges against Elliot.

If it wasn’t for Rachel trusting Emily, Clark said the case wouldn’t have been reopened.

“She said ‘thank you so much for helping me find my voice again,'” Davis said. “That made it all worth it.”

Emily does not plan on covering the trial as a reporter. She will be in the courtroom, but this time as a friend.

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