‘Voters Not Politicians’ pushing Michiganders to vote Yes on Proposal 2

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It is basically Abby Schwartz’ second career.

“It gets a little bit easier each time,” said Voters Not Politicians canvasser, Abby Schwartz.

Each week, Schwartz trains her army of canvassers on Gerrymandering.

Margaret Tassaro is just one of them.

“Gerrymandering is not a flashy subject, so people don’t necessarily know what it is. Or know how to change it,” said Tassaro.

Tassaro knocks on about 50 homes a day encouraging Michiganders to vote “yes” on Proposal 2.

Michigan is a heavily gerrymandered state. This gives the power to politicians to draw up their own districts.

“So they basically draw funky shaped districts,” Tassaro said. “They are essentially saying if we get all of these voters right here in this area just so this is going to be safely a district that we can win.”

It is simply a tactic that allows politicians to separate Democrats from Republicans throughout the State.

“It used to be we want fair representation in the government, now it’s we want to make sure our people can get re-elected,” said Voters Not Politicians, David Hopkinson.

For example, Lansing is separated by three Democratic districts. If you decide to vote Republican, you know your vote is at odds.

“So it discourages people from voting because they think their vote doesn’t matter and they’re right,” said Hopkinson.

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