MSU Muslim students seek more places to pray and reflect on campus

Imagine choosing between completing a moral duty in public or ignoring the duty for the sake of security and safety. A choice that many non-Muslims may not understand. A choice that Muslim student Batoul Sadek faces when deciding whether to pray in a public space on Michigan State University’s campus or to ignore the number one commandment given by God. God commands reciting from the Quran five times a day, and three of those prayers usually occur during work and class schedules for Sadek. Sadek’s favorite study spot is at the MSU library and chooses to pray within the rows of book shelves or privately next to her desk.

Decade-long petition for Women’s National History Museum moves through U.S. House

In honor of National Women’s Month in March, an active petition has been signed and shared in search of a home for a museum dedicated to women’s history at the National Mall. National Women’s History Director and CEO Joan Wages issued a statement Monday regarding a step forward for a public-private partnership with Smithsonian. Representatives Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Ed Royce (R-CA) introduced bill H.R. 19 to the House of Representatives on March 30, Wages said the bill was named after the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. The National Women’s History team said this is a huge success, however, the bill may change throughout legislature. “It is very important to show people all of the amazing things women have done throughout history.” said Diana Morce, who minors in women and gender studies at MSU.

Trump proposes a budget blueprint–what will happen to MSU’s neighbors, WKAR?

President Trump sent shockwaves to the world on March 16, 2017, after announcing an “America First” budget proposal of a $54 billion increase for military defense spending. Michigan State University ROTC junior Terra Crown said the number one priority for the administration is to protect America. “Transitions of power need to be immediate and strong, and at this point in time it is important to make a bold statement and follow through with it,” Crown said. Trump plans to boost Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs in 2018 by 10 percent. However, instead of raising taxes, President Trump calls for a decrease in funding for activities such as arts, humanities and public broadcasting.