Owners of a new hot dog stand rise​ up after a robbery

The entrance of Cheezy D’s Deli and Dogs located on the corner of Marsh and Lake Lansing.  Credit: Brea Crawford

Cheezy D’s Deli and Dogs in Haslett, Michigan was robbed just months after their grand opening on June 15, a few months later than originally planned. Owners Denny and Michelle Emmer tried to make the best out of the situation. 

“I knew who did it, that’s why I didn’t press charges,” said Denny. “No matter what their issue was, they needed help. We tried to make a positive out of it. The window can be replaced, and no one was hurt.” 

The robbery influenced Denny to take his business to the next level and help the community.

Detroit ice cream stores face obstacles amid pandemic, keep moving forward

Courtesy of Zahra Saad of The Custard HutHot Waffle Sandwiches sold by The Custard Hut of Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Zahra Saad was startled by the reactions when she announced the opening of her business, the Custard Hut. “When we opened on April 10, I received multiple death threats, multiple threats on my business and actually had people calling the cops to try to shut me down, but we were allowed to be open,” said Saad. For many people, ice cream is the go-to staple of the summer. But during a global pandemic that limits face-to-face interaction and differing opinions by the public and business owners alike about when the appropriate time is to open a store, the sweet treat has undergone a lot of changes these past few months. Several Detroit ice cream stores were forced to close down because of the shelter in place order that was effective March 24.

Scoopy-Doo’s to remain open year-round

By Connor Clark
Bath-DeWitt Connection staff reporter

DEWITT — The long-time ice cream shop Scoopy-Doo’s has decided to remain open year-round. With her purchase of Scoopy-Doo’s this past May, owner Kelly Smith looks to continue a tradition of creating high-quality ice cream for the DeWitt community, while also serving a new menu filled with sandwiches and soups. “People keep telling me it’s a seasonal business … I believe in this community.” Smith said. Smith, a single mother with two kids, grew up in the DeWitt community, is a true homebody who hopes to provide the youth of DeWitt with an alternative to fast food. “DeWitt is a community based on kids, it is all about the kids, and the kids in this community are incredibly busy,” Smith said.

Businesses go into summer mode as temperatures rise

By Danielle Duggan
Clinton County Chatter

ST. JOHNS — The end of spring brings preparation for summer sales among various businesses in Clinton County. With the release of students from school and the coming of warmer temperatures, businesses plan early in hope of increasing funds and customers for summer services. Some businesses begin the process of exchanging winter merchandise for summer merchandise in the spring. Shaggie’s, an ice cream store located at 110 N. Clinton Ave., St.

That “ice cream” time of year again

By Meghan Steingold
Living in the Ledge

Spring fever is in the air, and summer is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate than getting ice cream at the local parlors? Between Corner Cone and Lick-ity Split, Grand Ledge residents have ample options. The warm weather and the sunshine are getting people out of their winter hibernation and excited for the upcoming summer, and with summer there’s always ice cream. According to Ryan Ballore, of Beagle Elementary School, “I get ice cream almost every day in the summer, and my favorite is superman.”

Both ice cream parlors opened the first week of April, when customers were finally able to get their first treat of the season after a long winter.