That “ice cream” time of year again

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By Meghan Steingold
Living in the Ledge

Spring fever is in the air, and summer is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate than getting ice cream at the local parlors? Between Corner Cone and Lick-ity Split, Grand Ledge residents have ample options.

The warm weather and the sunshine are getting people out of their winter hibernation and excited for the upcoming summer, and with summer there’s always ice cream. According to Ryan Ballore, of Beagle Elementary School, “I get ice cream almost every day in the summer, and my favorite is superman.”

Both ice cream parlors opened the first week of April, when customers were finally able to get their first treat of the season after a long winter.

Between the two parlors, they tend to see equal amounts of business for any typical nice day, according to Grand Ledge resident Chris Mills, who tends to gravitate towards Corner Cone.

Corner Cone being at 201 W. Jefferson St. and Lick-ity Split being at 103 N. Bridge St., both ice cream shops are within a short mile of each other. One would think that a rivalry would arise from such close distance, but both ice cream places of course have their specialties that customers can’t resist.

Corner Cone is known for their Razzles, which seemed to be their most popular item. With different toppings, a Razzle is the shop’s imitation of Dairy Queen Blizzard.

Mills said, “I never get anything but a Razzle. When I found out Corner Cone was open for the summer, all I could think about was getting one.”

The same could be said for Grand Ledge resident Allison Osika, who said, “I always get a cookie dough Razzle, but I also love going to Lick-ity Split every once in a while.”

With both ice cream places offering something of a variation, both are still very similar.

“Lick-ity Split has Cyclones, which is the same thing as a Razzle, but they don’t have as many toppings,” Mills said.

According to Grand Ledge resident Amy Zander, “I always prefer to go to Corner Cone just because they have hand-dipped ice cream which has always been my weakness.”

“My favorite thing is definitely the chocolate Razzle with extra brownie pieces,” he said.

With summer just ahead, the ice cream shops of Grand Ledge are beginning to thrive, and a noticeable spring fever has definitely entered the air. Warmer temperatures calls for an ice cold treat, and what better place than Grand Ledge’s own Corner Cone or Lick-ity Split.


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