Scoopy-Doo’s to remain open year-round

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By Connor Clark
Bath-DeWitt Connection staff reporter

The long time business is now looking to continue their tradition with owner Kelly Smith

The long time business is now looking to open year round under owner Kelly Smith.

DEWITT — The long-time ice cream shop Scoopy-Doo’s has decided to remain open year-round.

With her purchase of Scoopy-Doo’s this past May, owner Kelly Smith looks to continue a tradition of creating high-quality ice cream for the DeWitt community, while also serving a new menu filled with sandwiches and soups.

“People keep telling me it’s a seasonal business … I believe in this community.” Smith said.

Smith, a single mother with two kids, grew up in the DeWitt community, is a true homebody who hopes to provide the youth of DeWitt with an alternative to fast food.

“DeWitt is a community based on kids, it is all about the kids, and the kids in this community are incredibly busy,” Smith said. “These families are looking for a meal to put in their kid’s belly and get on to the next event.”

According to Smith, another reason why her products stick out from regular fast food, is that all of Scoopy-Doo’s creations are made in-house.

“We are looking for something that isn’t so processed, something that is healthier for our kids.” Smith said.

With these additions, customers now have the ability to dine on warm eats when the winter temperature drops. Scoopy-Doo’s mission is to support the local businesses of Michigan, according to Smith.

“Excellent quality products, locally-made, supporting the community,” Smith said. “Those are my three key goals for why I do what I do.”

A switch to locally-made MOO-ville Creamery has been the new base for their ice cream.

Customers are interested in checking out the new menu options. Hillary Naert, a local employee, loves the cookie dough ice cream. When she heard out about the new menu options, she believes the community will get behind them.

“I will definitely try out their new menu items,” Naert said. “The community loves Scoopy-Doo’s and I think that they can be successful, even in the winter.”

Scoopy-Doo's new menu for the DeWitt community

Scoopy-Doo’s new menu for the DeWitt community, includes panini options and various soups.

Holiday-themed ice cream flavors like eggnog are also available for purchase.

Autumn Spencer, an employee at Scoopy-Doo’s, is offering another new feature to the old-time store.

After formerly owning her own studio in Grand Ledge, Spencer offers pottery painting and various art projects to families. With her home base at Scoopy-Doo’s, according to Spencer, she can go mobile and bring art to the customer.

Currently, Spencer works with families on many projects for various events such as birthday parties or the holidays. With a wide range of tools, customers can make specific designs that give a personal touch to their creations.

“There is a project on the 12th of December,” Spencer said. “You can come in a get some ice cream and I will work with you and take you through every single step.”

Scoopy-Doo's now offers classes on art and allows customers to paint their own pottery!

Scoopy-Doo’s now offers classes on art and allows customers to paint their own pottery!

With all of these new possibilities, Smith is all-in on Scoopy-Doo’s.

“I know a lot of people where very concerned that Scoopy-Doo’s was going to close,” Naert said. “But with the new changes, I think the community will really support what she is trying to accomplish.”

“I definitely took a leap from a cliff, but I hope that it will pay off,” Smith said.

Look at how much ice cream is consumed each year!

Look at how much ice cream is consumed each year!

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