Williamston ice cream shop opens for the season

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Twister’s Ice Cream Shop in Williamston has opened for the season and already; there are cars in the drive-thru and lines out the door.

Using their own special ice cream recipe for all of their items, the menu ranges from unique sundaes such as the “Trash Can Sundae” to “The Elvis.”

They also offer a variety of other items, from floats, to slushies, to flurries and flavorburst soft serve.

11-year-old Brookelynn Lantz looks forward to coming here with her family after a long school day.

“This is my favorite ice cream place. My favorite thing to get is the root beer floats because it’s a good mix here,” Lantz said.

Being the favorite ice cream shop in Williamston, they always are changing up their menu. The creativity and options on the menu bring the customers coming back for more.

Greg Towery, a ‘normal’ at the store, raves about the quality and experience here.

“It’s not just ice cream. Anything you can think of…whatever you can imagine to mix up or create, they’ll do it,” Towery said.

Workers at the shop are just as happy as the customers coming in. Julia Church loves being able to share a smile with customers.

“It’s a great environment and I love it. Customers are always so excited, which makes us excited. You can’t be mad in an ice cream shop,” Church said.

Whether it be after a long school day or sporting event, many kids cycle their way through the shop all season long.

Meredith Lee, another worker, says that the ice cream shop is just a way for people to end their day on a sweet note.

“You make a lot of kids’ days. Parents bring their kids here after a long day and you can just see the smile come on their face when they walk in. It’s so much fun,” Lee said. 

This year, Twister’s is starting something new on their Facebook page called “Twister’s Cool School.”

With over 150 combination possibilities to order, they are going to be posting unique things that they offer through the end of the season so they can get people to try new things.

The shop’s spring hours vary from the summer hours so check the Facebook page to check the hours of operation.

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