Success in the Press Podcast: Mitch Albom

In a recent podcast episode, I had the privilege of speaking with Mitch Albom, a distinguished journalist, best-selling author, and philanthropist, shedding light on his career journey, his perspective on the future of journalism, and advice for aspiring journalists.

The Waverly High School building. Many students attending Waverly use Anna Piazza's mental health resources.

Anna Piazza Guides Waverly High School Students Toward Mental Wellness

In her initial two years as the sole therapist at Waverly High School, Anna Piazza conducted 1,452 therapy sessions with students.

As part of the Expanding, Enhancing Emotional Health (E3) Program, Piazza, a therapist from Child and Family Charities, serves as a resource for students grappling with mental health issues.

Mental health issues among adolescents are on the rise. According to the CDC, in 2021, over 42% of students reported persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness, with nearly 29% experiencing poor mental health. Additionally, in 2021, 22% of students seriously considered attempting suicide and 10% attempted suicide.

Jeff Weiss, Williamston's new Chief of Police standing in front of the Williamston Police Department

Teenage Dream Becomes Distinguished Career: Jeff Weiss Appointed Williamston’s Chief of Police

At the age of 16, Jeff Weiss’s passion for law enforcement was ignited during a ride-along with a Meridian Township officer. Now, after a remarkable 35-year career, that same teenager who once aspired to serve and protect the city he grew up in has been appointed as Williamston’s new Chief of Police. 

On Monday, Sept. 11, the Williamston City Council appointed Weiss to fill the position that had been vacant since January. The decision was met with enthusiastic approval.

Williamston Police Department’s transition to Chief Weiss follows a lineage of leaders including Bob Young in 2010 and Jim Wolf in 2021. Young temporarily returned as interim chief before Weiss’s appointment.

Wall of gratitude located in the MSU Student Food Bank. Sticky notes expressing peoples gratitude

Soaring Food Costs Strain Campus Food Security

September marks Hunger Action Month and with the rising food prices, many Michigan State University students are struggling to pay for basic necessities.
With price increases and more students feeling financial pressure due to other expenses, food insecurity has become a pressing issue on the MSU campus. According to the 2020 National College Health Assessment, nearly two of five MSU students reported experiencing some level of food insecurity, which is defined as not having access to sufficient food or food of adequate quality.

MSU Dairy Store navigates changes, embraces innovation

For generations, the MSU Dairy Store has been a cherished place for the Michigan State University community and its alumni.

“I think everybody in town has come here as a kid and likes to bring their kids here,” Kate Brent, a customer of the MSU Dairy Store for 39 years, said while wiping the pink ice cream stains off her daughter’s face. “It has unique flavors compared to your standard ice cream shop.”

However, the past few years have brought challenges to the business, including a two-year pandemic shutdown that prompted a series of transformations.