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East Lansing bagel shop innovates with menu, late shift

A.J. EvansJared Andrews, at the new East Lansing GoodFellas Bagels, learned about their popularity from all the students who came to the store’s Lansing location. In East Lansing, a new restaurant is doubling as a morning and late-night hotspot. GoodFellas Bagels Deli, a new restaurant on Albert Avenue in the same strip as the popular HopCat and El Azteco, is working to become one of the most accessible places in East Lansing. 

Following the opening of the first GoodFellas Bagels Deli in January of 2020, owner Adrian Joseph kept his brand-new business afloat through a time where businesses were shuttered, particularly in the food industry. After working through the pandemic, Joseph began to notice a growing trend. “At the location in Lansing, we started to notice a pretty large influx of MSU students that would come there on weekends, and throughout the week,” Joseph said.

Young activists speak out on guns

When Madeline Johnson lost her best friend in the shooting that took place at Oxford High School on Nov. 30, 2021, she knew that she wanted to do something to create real change. 

“I was near her when it happened,” she said. “It’s obviously been pretty hard for me. I decided that I wanted to take action and change something for her and the other three that we lost, hopefully to stop things like this from happening in the future.”

Johnson, along with other Oxford students, banned together to create No Future Without Today, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. The members’ goal is to educate students and raise awareness about gun violence in schools. 

The rise of gun violence across the country has left students feeling afraid for their well-being.

Michigan’s automotive industry shifts toward an electric future

With Michigan housing several automotive manufacturing plants, the state looks to expand into the world of vehicle electrification. 

“If we want to continue to expand ourselves as a species, we need another way to power and transport ourselves around, a cleaner more sustainable way of doing it, because we’re just going to run out of gas at some point,” said Steve Radosevich, geometric modeler for Rivian. 

General Motors Co. is one of the manufacturers making Michigan a hub for electric vehicle production. The GM factory in Orion Township is  set to become one of the company’s main electric vehicle manufacturers. The plant, which originally produced Chevrolet Malibus and Pontiac G6s, will now build all-electric trucks. 

GM is also shifting its manufacturing in Detroit. The Detroit-Hamtramck plant, nicknamed “Factory Zero,” will construct electric variants of the Hummer, Sierra, Cruise, and Silverado.

Lansing students respond to some imaginative incentives

Sexton High School student Zamani Rogers speaks about The Playbook’s impact during the district board meeting Thursday night. The Lansing School District Board of Education last week agreed to be in contract negotiation with the School Days Foundation, implementing the foundation’s new program The Playbook to schools. Motivational speaker Dr. Eric Thomas leads the project. The program was piloted at Sexton High School, which is giving students an overwhelming amount of opportunities, including getting to attend this year’s Super Bowl. High school senior Zamani Rogers spoke of the impact The Playbook and Thomas’ team  had on her schoolwork and in her life.

Prosecutor jobs open due to competition, burnout

PROSECUTORS: County prosecutors are facing a shortage of assistant prosecutors, a problem that can lead to delayed trials and hearings. Major reasons are higher salaries in private practice and some state agencies, burnout and fewer law school enrollments. The prosecutors in Eaton County, who heads the state Prosecuting Attorneys Association, and Alger County discuss. By Hope O’Dell. FOR MARQUETTE, IRON MOUNTAIN, LANSING CITY PULSE, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, CORP! SAULT STE. MARIE and ALL POINTS.