NFL draft to bring national spotlight to Detroit

As the 2024 NFL draft approaches, football fans aren’t the only ones anticipating the big event on April 25. For the first time in history, the NFL draft will be held in Detroit, bringing an estimated 300,000 people to the Motor City, according to the Detroit Sports Commission. This major event brings attention to the award-winning Campus Martius Park and Hart Plaza, where the draft will be held, and hopefully increase Detroit’s reputation as a tourist destination.

Lions fans stay hopeful for next year after historic 2023 playoff ending

DETROIT, Mich.—Lions fans stay hopeful for next season after the historic 2023 playoff ending. In the heart of Motor City, Ford Field stands as a symbol for new beginnings. The 12-5 Lions showed no mercy through the 2023 season, winning their first playoff game in over 30 years. The Lion’s season had highs such as winning two home playoff games. They also had lows, including their final loss of the season to the 49ers in the semifinals, but their fanbase stood proud through it all.