The Izzo Legacy Family Fund gives back to the community they call home 

Tom Izzo and his family have been a part of the Lansing community for over three decades and continue to have a large impact on the city. One of the main events that the fund hosts is the annual Izzo Legacy 5K race, which occurred this year on April 20. East Lansing resident Joseph Darda came in first with a time of 15:56.5. According to Izzo Legacy executive director Raquel Izzo McDonald, initial counts show that the event raised over $40,000. 

Izzo continues MSU’s basketball legacy

Michigan State University has always been a huge center for sports but it was first known primarily as a football school, winning six national titles between 1951 and 1966. It wasn’t until Magic Johnson led the Spartans to their first basketball national championship in 1979 that they began getting recognition for their basketball program. Once Tom Izzo became head coach of the basketball program in 1995 and led the Spartans to their second national championship in 2000, the Spartans would be put on the map as a basketball school.

Lansing Lions fans prove pride isn’t only about geography or records

The Lions still remain one of only four teams who have never made it to the Super Bowl. Their 2023 season was the closest the team had come to a championship win since 1991, falling only three points short of the Super Bowl. 

Despite their playoff loss, their fandom only seemed to grow in Detroit and other Michigan cities like Lansing. A fanatic sports town and college town, Lansing has some of the most passionate sports fans in Michigan. One Michigan State alumna Lindsey Fish has always considered herself a big sports fan, but she has recently become an even bigger Lions fan with this winning season.