Waverly Community Schools plan to improve virtual learning

Vivian BarrettNurse Sue Ruegsegger receives a round of applause for her work throughout the COVID pandemic. Waverly Community Schools plan to introduce a new online learning option for ninth and tenth grade in the 2022-23 school year. The school of choice program will be similar to previous years but will offer a more robust learning experience. The Board of Education unanimously passed the motion on March 21. The program will use current Waverly teachers and has spots available for Virtual Academy and current Waverly students, said Superintendent Kelly Blake.

Alana Chriest

Delta Township trustees hear familiar argument over farming

Delta Township officials have gotten used to hearing the voice of Alana Chriest. Since the summer of 2020, Chriest has been offering public comments at various township meetings, speaking out against farming that is taking place in the township’s Hawk Meadow Park. 

Chriest lives and works at the Capital City Bird Sanctuary across the street from the park and pays close attention to the area. She argues that many of the actions being taken in relation to farming harm the surrounding environment. Jack MorelandAlana Christ speaks at a Delta Township Board meeting on Mar. 21

“This industrial farming has got to stop, this is not conservation,” Chriest said.

Woman applies eyelash extensions

Delta native returns home to expand beauty business

Vivian BarrettEsthetician Alyssa Misner applies eyelash extensions to a client. At Skin Studio 211, Misner specializes as a lash tech. Local business owner Lorin Cumberbatch founded Skin Studio 226 in Long Island, New York. Today, she works in her hometown of Delta Township at her second location: Skin Studio 211, named in honor of her late grandmother. After moving back to Delta to support her son through surgery in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic kept Cumberbatch in Michigan for longer than she planned.

Restaurants take over Delta Township

Delta Township held its second annual Restaurant week this month. The goal is to help local businesses in the community. Around 81 restaurants participated in the event this year. Restaurant week took place from March 14-21, with each day representing a different type of dining option. They included Middle Eastern, Mexican, BBQ/steakhouse, Asian, Seafood, Italian, fast-food and breakfast dining.  Residents could also receive special discounts from restaurants for mentioning restaurant week.

Man standing by firetruck

Delta Township Fire Department faces ongoing staff shortage

Vivian BarrettDelta firefighter paramedics leave in response to a call. A nation-wide shortage of firefighter paramedics is hampering the Delta Township Fire Department, leaving it eight people short. Several times, two of the township’s three fire stations have closed due to staffing issues. Delta has been struggling with the shortage since 2019. EMS/Training Capt. Brian Hatfield said the ongoing issue is a lack of people interested in the occupation. 

“The general amount of people going into this profession overall is much lower than it has been in the past,” Hatfield said.

Delta engineer recaps 2021 projects and looks to future

Delta Township Engineer Ernest West gave a briefing on the projects that the township engineers have accomplished through 2021. West gave his presentation at the Delta Township Board of Trustees’ monthly meeting on Feb. 21. The year was filled with a wide range of projects including sewage, water, non-motorized projects, roads, sidewalks and private development. West said, “2021 for our department was a very busy year …  primarily driven by utility projects and private development.”

He explained that it could have been even busier, but the engineers had a hard time with bidding on certain projects, which led to some projects being delayed, like new baseball diamonds in Mount Hope Park and new sidewalk construction.

Exterior of big-box store

New warehouse club part of $200 million project in Delta Township

Delta Township just welcomed BJ’s Wholesale Club to the community as part of the new $200 million land project at I-96 Highway and West Saginaw Highway. Phase one of the Delta Crossing project opened in September 2021 and includes Texas Roadhouse, Sierra, Hobby Lobby, T.J. Maxx, and Bob’s Discount Furniture. BJ’s Wholesale Club was a part of phase two and recently had its grand opening on Jan. 28.

photo of a dog and person inside a library

Dog days: kids read to four-legged friend

No dog ears in the books! Hobbes and Stephanie Woinowsk get ready to read. A perfect Saturday morning for 8-year-old Hobbes starts on the couch of the children’s section at the Delta Township District Library. Basking in the sunlight, Hobbes relaxes as kids read their favorite books to him. Even better, he gets pets from all of his guests.