Restaurants take over Delta Township

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Delta Township held its second annual Restaurant week this month. The goal is to help local businesses in the community. Around 81 restaurants participated in the event this year.

Restaurant week took place from March 14-21, with each day representing a different type of dining option. They included Middle Eastern, Mexican, BBQ/steakhouse, Asian, Seafood, Italian, fast-food and breakfast dining.  Residents could also receive special discounts from restaurants for mentioning restaurant week.

Social media played a major role with lots of discounts and promotions online. Delta Township prompted residents to post their experiences to social media using the hashtag  #choosedelta.

Restaurant week allows members of the community and surrounding communities to support local restaurants during difficult times.

“I think this event is a wonderful way to spotlight the many good restaurants in our little township,” said Delta resident Terri Raterink.

Raterink said she had her first experience early in the week at Choupli and planned on participating every day of the week saying, “Two days down, many more to go!”

Lansing resident Olivia McCormick said, “I was happy to go  out and support both Zaytoon Mediterranean and EagleMonk Pub and Brewery during Delta Townships Restaurant week.”

McCormick also said, “The pandemic has created very challenging times, and for  businesses to have their doors open today says a lot about the patronage in the community.”

Township Clerk Mary Clark said, “Our restaurants, along with most others, have had a rough go of the past two pandemic years. The idea of this event stemmed from wanting to show support for our local  restaurants.”

She said, “I love the different cultures represented as we feature different days of the week. It also encourages people to gather and celebrate. After spending much of the pandemic isolated from most social opportunities, this  brings people out and together.”

If you visited one of the participating restaurants and are a Delta Township resident,  click here to enter a raffle for the chance to win a $50 gift card to one of the many participating restaurants. The raffle is accepting entries until March 31.

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