Food truck gets boost from parking spot at Horrocks

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Father-and-son-run food truck Atomic Tacos is getting a business boost from its location at Horrocks Farm Market.

The truck, owned by Jeffery and Joel McGuire, opened in October 2020 and has been parked at Horrocks since August 2021.

“It’s been fantastic,” said Joel McGuire. “Horrocks has been great to work with. The customers are fantastic as well, they’re great people.” 

Joel McGuire said Horrocks’s social media marketing director is promoting Atomic Tacos on social platforms, which gives the food truck more recognition than the physical location of the truck. 

He also said the Delta Township community has been kind to their business. 

“I haven’t had one rude person,” Joel McGuire said. “I haven’t had one person that had a bad attitude. Everybody has been so kind to us and we really have just enjoyed serving them.” 

Atomic Tacos food items include quesa birria tacos, bulgogi (thinly sliced Korean-style) beef tacos and roasted street corn. The inspiration behind the menu comes from Joel McGuire, who grew up with Asian friends and loved the idea of fusion-inspired tacos.

Edward Sadzewicz,a regular customer of Atomic Tacos and employee of Horrocks, said traffic at the market has allowed for the food truck to become a staple for the community. 

“The food’s great. They take care of everyone that they serve,” Sadzewic said. “I think nothing but positive things about them.” 

Jeffery McGuire said he’s working on growth plans for the business. 

“We’re planning on having two more trucks going, so a total of three different style food trucks within the next six months,” he said. “We’re going to grow in Michigan.” 

He said the trucks will travel to different cities in Michigan. The pair said they don’t plan on having a brick-and-mortar building so they can expand their business into different communities.

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