Meridian Township residents prep for annual Blue Cross Winter Warm up 5K run/walk

 Blue Cross Warm-Up Members practicing outside Meridian Mall. Credit: Lexie Soro

Meridian team coach Louis Hopkins [pictured on the left] gives the team updates before the Tuesday morning  practice began. Credit: Lexie Soro

Check out the beginning of a Blue Cross Winter Warm Up 5k preparation practice at Meridian Mall: (Credit: Lexie Soro)

Information about Blue Cross Winter Warm Up 2020

What is it? Dozens of Meridian Township residents have officially kept their New Year’s resolutions as they prepare for the Blue Cross Winter Warm Up 5K walk/run on March 21. 

The Blue Cross Winter Warm Up practice team meets twice a week inside Meridian Mall and nine other local locations across mid-Michigan. Members can choose to do the hour-long practice walking or running around the perimeter inside the mall or go outside. While at practice, partiipants receive walking and nutrition tips.