Oakland and Wayne residents predict when COVID-19 will end + tips to stay busy

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Kelly Keys, a 19-year-old Western Michigan student, said everything will be back to normal by May because people are finally realizing the impact of COVID-19 and staying home. 

“Yes, because it was rapidly increasing for such a long time,” said Keys over the phone. “Because people didn’t take it [virus] seriously before. Numbers are rising and people are losing friends and family.” 

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued a stay-at-home order, advising residents not to leave their home unless it is absolutely necessary; this will last until April 13, 2020, at 11:59 pm. 

Monique Brooks, a Wayne County resident and health professional, said the virus should end soon because the warmer months will help kill off the virus. And though the virus is getting bad, there is hope that there will be a decline in cases soon. 

Tania HooSang, an Oakland County resident, differs. She said she does not see things improving anytime soon, and this virus will affect us well into the summer months especially in Oakland County because it has some of the highest confirmed cases and deaths in the state. 

Oakland and Wayne counties have the highest growth rate in COVID-19 cases.

Chart shows counties in Michigan with the number of cases and deaths. This chart only includes counties with 20 or more confirmed cases as of March 31, 2020. Chart is Provided by Michigan.gov.

To see the full interview with Brooks and HooSang click here: 

Oakland and Wayne residents opinions on COVID-19.

Ashley Monteleone, a Wayne County resident and teacher, said she thinks that social distancing will end in late April or May. 

Monteleone said over the phone, “I feel like it [social distancing] is not going to end with the climbing numbers.”

Monteleone said because they are not following the stay-at-home order it is causing more and more people to be infected without realizing it. There is still such rapid growth in Michigan it doesn’t look like numbers are decreasing anytime soon, said Monteleone.

NPR reported: “Michigan now ranks third in the country for coronavirus-related deaths, trailing only New York and New Jersey, after the Midwest state on Tuesday reported a new surge of cases. … More than 80% of total cases are in the three populous Detroit metro-area counties of Oakland, Macomb and Wayne.”

Things to do while home?

One piece of advice Keys has for those who are scared of the stay-at-home order is to take a deep breath and be informed.

“Staying calm,” said Keys. “And listening to people who know what they are talking about; not trusting everything I read.” 

Though Monteleone has practiced social distancing, she still has supported small businesses. Monteleone said small businesses are going to be hit the most economically after the pandemic is over so she has decided to make sure she contributes to their businesses the best way she can.

Graph shows different things to do while at home. Infographic made on Canva by Payton Wells.

Monteleone said, “I stay home, but I feel a need to support local businesses; people still have to go into work.”

Keys said one thing that is helping keep her mind off of the pandemic is making sure she is using this time to pick up a hobby.

“First, the easiest thing is to find something good to watch,” said Keys. “I have started reading a lot more. And I am teaching myself to learn the bass guitar which keeps me busy. And it keeps me focused on that instead of everything else.”

Monteleone advises students who are currently not in school to still participate in learning while at home.

“Studies show anytime students have time off it does hinder their learning,” said Monteleone. “High school students should practice different SAT subject areas.”

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