8th Congressional District ups its civic involvement

Gordon Trowbridge, spokesman for Slotkin’s re-election campaign, said from a campaign standpoint, he has noticed a difference this year in public participation. Trowbridge said it seems like voters are aware this is a big moment for Michigan because a lot of national issues addressed can also have a significant impact on a local level.  For example, concerns about medical costs and water quality is at the top of that list. 

“What was successful for Slotkin in 2018 and so far this year, was to be pragmatic toward these issues,” he said. “Slotkin has said participating in the choice-making is one of the most important symbols to show love for the country.”

Slotkin decided before voting took place to publicly endorse Democrat Joe Biden in the year’s primary. 

Infographic listing some of the candidates and topics voters may have seen on their ballot. Credit: Lauren Buchko

Trowbridge said he has definitely noticed a higher turnout during campaign events. “Slotkin realizes there’s a lot of attention on Michigan during the primaries,” he said.  “It’s kind of like a ‘ground zero’ when it comes to a campaign.”

Representing the district

Trowbridge said it’s quite a bit of work for Slotkin to represent Michigan while in Washington D.C. because of the complicated schedule, but she works to represent as best as she can.

Meridian Township residents prep for annual Blue Cross Winter Warm up 5K run/walk

 Blue Cross Warm-Up Members practicing outside Meridian Mall. Credit: Lexie Soro

Meridian team coach Louis Hopkins [pictured on the left] gives the team updates before the Tuesday morning  practice began. Credit: Lexie Soro

Check out the beginning of a Blue Cross Winter Warm Up 5k preparation practice at Meridian Mall: (Credit: Lexie Soro)

Information about Blue Cross Winter Warm Up 2020

What is it? Dozens of Meridian Township residents have officially kept their New Year’s resolutions as they prepare for the Blue Cross Winter Warm Up 5K walk/run on March 21. 

The Blue Cross Winter Warm Up practice team meets twice a week inside Meridian Mall and nine other local locations across mid-Michigan. Members can choose to do the hour-long practice walking or running around the perimeter inside the mall or go outside. While at practice, partiipants receive walking and nutrition tips.

Meridian Township Police Department accomplishing what 95% of police departments in Michigan haven’t

By: Lexie Soro and Lexi Ayala

Meridian Township Police Department located on 5151 Marsh Rd, Okemos, MI. Credit: Lexie Soro

On behalf of the Meridian Township Police Department, three officers accept an award from the Michigan Law Enforcement at the Meridian Township Board meeting on Feb. 18, 2020. Credit: Lexi Ayala 

Ken Plaga spoke to what the accreditation certificate means for the Meridian Township community: 

The Meridian Township Police Department accepted a nationally recognized certificate of accreditation award from the Michigan Law Enforcement Accreditation Program. The award added Meridian Township’s police department to a list of 24 police departments throughout Michigan that have already been recognized.