Grand Haven’s Soccer in the Sand continues its success

Summers in Grand Haven are full of events that draw crowds to its downtown area. These events include the likes of the annual Coast Guard Festival, art festival and this past weekend’s event, the 10th annual Soccer in the Sand tournament. Soccer in the Sand is a three-day, small sided 5v5 beach soccer tournament that occurs in 13 locations across the country. This year’s Grand Haven event hosted 400 teams and more than 4,000 participants. According to event founder Chris Lemay, this year has been the most successful installment in Grand Haven.

Artists gather for Grand Haven’s 57th art festival

Grand Haven hosted its 57th art festival this past weekend. This festival brings in nearly 100 artists and puts their work on display for viewers to either browse through or purchase. The event was held on Washington Avenue in downtown Grand Haven. All kinds of art were on display, from photography to pottery to jewelry. “The goal of the Grand Haven Art Festival is to provide the visitors of West Michigan area with a unique opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind art, directly from the artist,” festival director Mary Sherman said.

Gamers dissatisfied with E3 conference

With E3 wrapped up, all the big companies have presented their lineup of games for the next year or so. The conference left some gamers excited while others were disappointed by some of the announcements. The first of the big companies to hit the stage was Microsoft. While the company announced their big reveals of Halo Infinite, Cyberpunk 2077 and new first party companies that are preparing to make games for the Xbox One, the conference lacked first party titles releasing in 2018. “Microsoft had a solid outing this year.

What do hockey players do in the off season?


The offseason is an unavoidable occurrence for any athlete or fan. It does not mean the sport leaves the mind, even at lower levels of play. For the pros, the offseason is a time to spend with family but also a time to train and improve for the upcoming season. This is no different for nonprofessional players. Laura Cavis, a local hockey player in Detroit, is constantly training her body in-season and offseason.

Concerts and the sister bond

Attending concerts has always been a popular pastime amongst teenagers. With school out for the summer, teens have more free time to hit up concerts. This is true for sisters Madison, 19, and Hannah Svoboda, 16. The two have plans to attend multiple concerts this upcoming summer. Madison has an incredible number of concerts she will be attending. Her concert attending begins with four in late June; three of which take place within a week. Her summer kicks off with a trip to Hershey, Pa., for a concert on June 14.

The bond between dog and owner

It’s no surprise that dogs are considered man’s best friend. Many owners are passionate about their furry friends and have different approaches when it comes to tending to them. Each dog is special in their own right; Piper, Maverick and Lola’s owners all agree on this. Piper, a one year old Cockapoo, is described as easily excitable and energetic by her owner, Maddie Jane. “She is low maintenance which is good for a busy person like me,” Jane said.

“The Day After”

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Protests against Donald Trump Jr

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