The bond between dog and owner

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Lola looks out to the yard from her place on the porch. It is one of her favorite things to do while she is outside.

It’s no surprise that dogs are considered man’s best friend. Many owners are passionate about their furry friends and have different approaches when it comes to tending to them. Each dog is special in their own right; Piper, Maverick and Lola’s owners all agree on this.

Piper, a one year old Cockapoo, is described as easily excitable and energetic by her owner, Maddie Jane.

“She is low maintenance which is good for a busy person like me,” Jane said. “But I always find enough time to show her that she is my world.”

Maverick, a one year old Labrador Retriever mix, is playful, curious and an attention seeker according to his owner, Ben Greene.

“He never stops moving and is always following my wife and I around,” Greene said. “We love this about him.”

Lola, a two year old Great Dane, is timid and easily scared, making her more difficult for her owner to train.

“Lola was harder to train compared to our old dog because of her timid nature,” Lola’s owner, Colleen Gerwig said. “But once she came around, things got easier and the more she grew on us.”

As a popular quote goes, “a dog is part of the family”.  This is no different for owners in the Grand Haven area.

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