Concerts and the sister bond

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Attending concerts has always been a popular pastime amongst teenagers. With school out for the summer, teens have more free time to hit up concerts.

This is true for sisters Madison, 19, and Hannah Svoboda, 16. The two have plans to attend multiple concerts this upcoming summer.

Madison has an incredible number of concerts she will be attending. Her concert attending begins with four in late June; three of which take place within a week. Her summer kicks off with a trip to Hershey, Pa., for a concert on June 14. She will continue two weeks later for another concert on June 26. All four of these concerts are to see Harry Styles.

“When there’s an artist you love, sometimes you travel as much as you can to see them,” Madison said. “Giving them that support is what us fans should be doing.”

After this month, her concert viewings slow down, but summer isn’t over. Madison has two more concerts planned, one in July and one in August.

Hannah’s concert frenzy kicks off on June 23 in Chicago, for its yearly Summer Bash. Unlike her older sister, Hannah is only attending a few concerts, but still has the same passion.

“It’s what you’re supposed to do as a teenager,” Hannah said. “My friends are always talking about going to see their favorite bands and I am no different.”

After attending one concert in June, Hannah has plans to attend three more concerts during the rest of summer. One of these concerts is with her older sister.

“It’s a way for us to bond as sisters and grow a closer relationship,” Madison said.

The girl’s plan to continue seeing concerts with each other in the years to come, hopefully joined by their friends and their family as well.

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