Chorale students adjust to practicing during pandemic

If you drive into a parking ramp, you might expect to here a few things; footsteps echoing or a car engine whirring to life. But one thing you wouldn’t expect to hear, is singing. The University Chorale, made up of 15 graduate students, went from practicing in a classroom to a concrete structure known as the Kellogg Center parking ramp. This outdoor structure was the perfect acoustic and socially distanced space choir director David Rayl could think of. And the members of the choir also found it suitable as long as they could sing again.

Freshmen skip dorm experience for off-camus living

When the pandemic hit, only 2,000 students were allowed to live on campus instead of the regular 1,500. With Michigan State recommending students to stay home, most freshmen have not had the traditional college experience. But some freshmen made the decision to live near campus while still feeling at home. “Usually you meet people in the dorms,” Nayna Chhabria, a freshman at Michigan State, said. Nayna knew she couldn’t live in a dorm, and she knew she may get homesick.

East Lansing restaurants return to take-out only

With COVID-19 cases growing, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services released updated guidelines that require restaurants to switch from dine-in to carry-out only. MDHHS says they “will continue to closely monitor the spread of COVID-19 and impacts on our hospitals and health infrastructure to determine if additional measures are necessary.”

St. Gerard Catholic School responds to COVID-19 cases

St. Gerard Catholic schools just had a run-in with the COVID-19 virus and had to move to strictly online learning for a two week period. From Oct. 19t-30 This came after three new reported cases. One came from a teacher, another from a teachers’ aide, and one from an office staff person.

Principal Ray Rzepecki said that at first just the teacher had tested positive for COVID-19 so the school put her class in quarantine and had her teach online for two weeks. After this, the aide tested positive and moved another class into quarantine. With the office staff member testing positive, the school decided to move everything online for two weeks.

Jocelyn Benson

Voter misinformation topped worries about intimidation

As Election Day came and went, voter misinformation replaced voter intimidation. Benson took on robocalls in Flint, Michigan that were spreading misinformation. The calls claimed that because voting lines were so long, voters should vote the next day, Nov. 4.

Poster advocates socializing responsibly

MSU football tailgates, crowds can bring $500 fines

On Oct. 28, the Ingham County Health Department issued an ordinance in response to the large gatherings that happened Oct. 24. Now, outside gatherings in downtown East Lansing are limited to 10 people, and anyone who exceeds that will be fined $500.

Safety comes first as IM West reopens

Students on campus are finally able to get back in the gym. IM West reopened its Fitness Center last week for the first time since closing in March to slow the spread of COVID-19. In order to ensure the safety of students and employees, there are some precautions taking place to prevent a coronavirus outbreak.

18 year-old runs for Okemos School Board

Thomas Gorman graduated in the spring from Okemos High School. After spending four years there, he knew there were some changes he wanted to see. So, he decided to do something about it. Gorman ran for the Okemos School Board in this election. Not only was this his first time on the ballot, but this was also the first general election he was eligible to vote in.