Hana St. Juliana Memorial Garden to open in Oxford in mid-summer

Almost three years ago, four of Oxford High School’s 1,700 students lost their lives in a mass shooting. Hana St. Juliana was one of those students. The Hana St. Juliana Memorial Fund was created in her honor in 2022. The money raised by selling apparel with Hana’s logo are now going toward building the Hana St. Juliana Memorial Garden, which will be located next to Seymour Lake Park outdoor market in Oxford.

City of Fenton searches for alternatives to expensive water softening process

The city of Fenton is in the process of cutting costs in the city’s water softening process. Water softening occurs when water treatment facilities use lime, or calcium hydroxide, to remove heavy metals and other excessive minerals that encourage scaling and algal blooms. In order to remove the lime, Fenton City Manager Lynn Maryland said the city has been considering new options, especially regarding transportation, which is the most expensive part of the water treatment process.