Zumba: fun fitness for all ages

Looking to work out without it feeling like work? Zumba might be the answer. 

Bath Township has an instructor who is sharing her experience with the community. Jade Arnold has been a licensed Zumba instructor since 2017. “I think I learned to dance before I walked,” Arnold said. “And the best part is, it’s exercise disguised as dancing.”

Jade Arnold teaches Zumba in Bath Township, Perry and East Lansing.

DeWitt library encourages community discussion

At the library, patrons expect walls of books and the librarian’s inevitable “Shh” when making the slightest bit of sound. The Dewitt District Library strays from the traditional library terms and encourages community interaction through their events. Dewitt District Library. Photograph by Nina Felicidario

The library holds many events and programs tailored for all ages. Children, teens, adults and family events are open for attendance, however, according to Dewitt residents, not many are aware of this.

DeWitt fire department teaches community fire safety

The average number of people who die every year in U.S. house fires is over half the population of DeWitt. According to the National Fire Protection Association, approximately seven people die every day in a house fire in the U.S.. And according to the most recent U.S. census, the DeWitt population is approximately 4,756. October is fire prevention month, and DeWitt firefighters have made it their priority to educate children and adults on fire safety. 

Both the DeWitt Area and DeWitt Township fire departments held the Fourth Annual Fire Prevention Open House on Oct. 8 to educate children on the dangers of fires.

DARA creates scholarship fund for 2020 summer camp

Kids who attend the summer camp are taken on field trips. Each week has activities that correspond to a theme of the week. Photo courtesy of Chad Stevens. Starting in 2020, the DeWitt Area Recreation Authority (DARA) is offering scholarship funds for families in need of financial help with sending their kids to its growing summer camp program. DARA Executive Director Chad Stevens announced at the Sept.

DeWitt ice cream shop remains family focused

I scream, you scream, DeWitt residents scream for Scoopy Doo’s ice cream! 

Scoopy Doo’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream is an ice cream shop located in the heart of downtown DeWitt. The smells of warm, fresh-cooked waffles and hand-dipped ice cream lure people in from the city sidewalks. There is no denying the shop’s long reputation for successfully satisfying any ice cream connoisseur’s appetite. Olivia Thurner, a senior at DeWitt High School, has been coming to Scoopy Doo’s since her family moved to DeWitt in 2011. 

“I remember when we moved here, we went on a field trip at school to Scoopy Doo’s when it was across the street,” Thurner said. “We walked over there and everything, it was fun.

Twiggies evolves in 22 years in DeWitt

Beth Herendeen didn’t want to be someone who kept saying “one day I’ll do it.” So 22 years ago she did it: She opened Twiggies in downtown DeWitt, and hasn’t looked back. Business owner, Beth Herendeen, in her store, Twiggies. Herendeen’s first business — event planning — started off in her Dewitt basement. As it progressed, she moved to a barn and then eventually opened up a storefront in downtown Dewitt. Wedding planning website, The Knot, referred to her store as “A charming experience for your senses,” then followed with a four-star rating.   

Some of her clientele includes weddings and corporate businesses.

Agency offers adult mental health first-aid training

Mental Health First Aid is the initial help given to a person showing symptoms of mental illness or in a mental health crisis. Trainings are targeted toward adults. They teach parents, caregivers, teachers, family members, human and health service workers and others citizens how to help individuals who are experiencing mental health challenges.