DeWitt District Library hosts cardboard carnival for kids

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Kelsey Lester

Jozefa Rogocki working on the games.

Since most kids recently started spring break, the DeWitt District Library decided to host a cardboard carnival to keep them entertained during their time away from school.

In preparation for the carnival on March 31, children and librarians went to work to create games out of recycled and recyclable materials. This included boxes, toilet paper rolls, old containers, and other miscellaneous items.

For Jozefa Rogocki, youth program and outreach librarian, this was a fun way to get active with the children.

“I was just amazed at their creativity and ability to really translate their ideas into something practical,” said Rogocki. “There’s been so much real technical understanding that I didn’t expect to see, which is great. They have really explored the potential of the different materials and I’ve just supported them in doing it.”

Although the event is already filled with joy, library clerk Chloe Mellor thought it was more meaningful after coming back from COVID-19.

Kelsey Lester

Recycled scrap for making the games.

“I find that it’s a little bit harder for some families to be able to come to the programs. For the past two years now, the kids haven’t had those social skills and experiences that they really need,” said Mellor. “Since there are a lot of kids that stay home, I think it’s nice to offer some things for the community to come in and have these resources that they may not be able to either afford or have lying around.”

Jacqueline Thompson, teen program and outreach librarian, said one thing is getting them through the pandemic.“Being flexible. That’s the main thing. Just trying to reach people where they are, what they feel comfortable with, and what we feel comfortable with,” said Thompson. “I think we’re seeing people wanting to do more things together, so we are accommodating that.”

Kelsey Lester

Project “Worm Wacker” in the making.

Although the pivot for the library has been strong, the children’s creativity has been stronger. After watching the two children plan and create their own cardboard game named the “Worm Wacker,” Rogocki said she is looking forward to the carnival.

“It was just so funny. They came and made this drawing together and it was a teamwork,” said Rogocki. “I have no idea where the “Worm Wacker” came from!”

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