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Cyberwar: MSU hackers join the fight for Ukraine

HACKING. //The who, what, when, where, why, and hows of the coding conflict in Ukraine. HACKER:

“You’re probably thinking cyber security, sorry to confuse you but we don’t do that here. A computer hacker is any skilled computer expert who uses their technical knowledge to overcome a problem.”Spartan Hackers, computer science and engineering club

Cybersecurity is a concern for many, but while some are still navigating its complexities, a few have mastered its potential for danger. With rising tensions between Ukraine and Russia, coding technology has only been adding to the conflict.

DeWitt District Library hosts cardboard carnival for kids

Kelsey LesterJozefa Rogocki working on the games. Since most kids recently started spring break, the DeWitt District Library decided to host a cardboard carnival to keep them entertained during their time away from school. In preparation for the carnival on March 31, children and librarians went to work to create games out of recycled and recyclable materials. This included boxes, toilet paper rolls, old containers, and other miscellaneous items.

For Jozefa Rogocki, youth program and outreach librarian, this was a fun way to get active with the children. “I was just amazed at their creativity and ability to really translate their ideas into something practical,” said Rogocki.

Paper butterfly garden at MSUFCU fights ageist agenda

Kelsey Lester

Social organization AgeAlive recently worked with Michigan State University’s Federal Credit Union Headquarters to install a paper garden exhibit, giving way for spring to blossom before us. Paper flowers and butterflies were displayed in the lobby of the FCU, which was very telling of AgeAlive’s ultimate mission to build bridges between generations. To mend age differences in the community, AgeAlive invited people of all ages to come paint and fold their own butterflies for the exhibit. Artist in residence for AgeAlive Zahrah Resh, folded all of the flowers on display in the garden as well as installed the community made butterflies. Resh said her greatest pleasure was working with people, ranging from kindergartners to elders.

Citizens crowd meeting; DeWitt police officer reinstated

After being fired, a DeWitt police officer appealed the township’s decision with the community by his side. More than 75 community members were present to support the officer. Kelsey LesterCitizens gather along the walls and outside of the Township Board meeting. The news came as a shock to Officer Robert Stump and his family on Feb. 17, when he received the notice of his separation of employment after 14 years of service.

Bath Township engages community in colorful art piece

Kelsey LesterBath Township’s most recent community mural. After being displayed at Wiswasser Park, the success of this project inspired the art committee to start planning for the new art piece in the township board room. Bath Township Hall will get a splash of color that reflects community members.   

With permission from the township, the artist committee has decided to create a ceramic art piece for the township board room wall. This sculpture will feature five clay flowers of different sizes where community members will be invited to stamp textures into the petals. Tayler Reeves-Hodge, township deputy superintendent, said the board room is overdue for an update.

DeWitt Valentine's Dinner Story - Kelsey Lester

Sweethearts gather for steaks, small talk at DeWitt VFW post

DeWitt residents gathered at their Veterans of Foreign Wars post for a community steak dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Post Commander John Williams said love was in the air. 

Kelsey Lester

“Basically everybody here is married and has sweethearts and everything like that, so we  figured in having a nice dinner for everybody,” said Williams. “We figured they’d enjoy it, so they didn’t have to do any cooking at home.” 

People made their way to the hall for small talk and a medium-rare steak. For volunteer Evelyn Powell, this was unexpected and just as memorable as the post’s  other events. 

“We normally do a fish fry, but there was a shortage of fish. People can’t get fish,” said Powell. “There’s people that come in (and say) ‘oh, I haven’t seen you in forever.’ Once in a while, they have a local band on a Friday night and then you end up  meeting or reconnecting with people you haven’t seen in a long time.” 

Powell’s husband, Terry Powell, also found the power in small community events like this Valentine’s dinner. 

“We need them.

Michigan State students run through street with snowballs

When life gives you snow, make an enormous snowball fight

After the heaviest snowfall of the winter on Feb. 2, Michigan State University  students gathered in Cedar Village to take the snowfall into their own hands. Finding relief and a release, a massive snowball fight hit the streets and  rolled into the night. While other neighborhoods made their own fun, a Twitter post from Barstool Spartans called for  a showdown in Cedar Village at 7 p.m. This instigated the largest snowball fight of the night.