Student balances schoolwork with caring for people

Grand Valley State University junior Megan Pnacek is a direct care worker at Heritage Homes in the Grand Rapids suburbs. Pnacek is currently balancing the life as a student and a direct care worker as direct care workers continue to face struggles in the workplace in the times of COVID-19. In addition to her life as a student, Pnacek spoke on how the profession can improve, how they can entice workers to stay in the industry and her day to day life as a direct care worker.

Bath Township looks to bring broadband to area as taxes come under fire

Eli McKownFast broadband access has become a necessity for work, school and play. We live in an increasingly digital world and rural areas are in the midst of trying to play catch-up. Bath Township is no exception as the Board of Trustees discussed on March 21 bringing broadband to the Bath Township region. As Clinton County looks to expand broadband access to its residents, Bath Township wants in on the fun. “Okemos was the place to be,” District 7 Clinton County Commissioner Adam Stacey said.

Staff put the ‘Sweet’ in DeWitt’s Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe

When you head into a bakery, it’s expected you’ll be received with a warm sense of pies, cookies and more. But how about a warm welcome? Eli McKownStaff members at the Sweetie-Licious Bakery pose over their desserts. The staff at DeWitt’s Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe bring a unique flavor to a bakery that has national award-winning pies, and sets the standard for businesses in the area. Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe has been in downtown DeWitt for 16 years, serving pies, cookies and more.

DeWitt plans March 19 ‘Cabin Fever Reliever’ to lift spirits

How do you break that Michigan winter cabin fever? DeWitt City Council says, come have a beer! Eli McKown

The DeWitt City Council on Feb. 14 unanimously approved its second Cabin Fever Reliever and the consumption of alcohol on the streets for the event. The city plans to block several streets for the March 19 event.

DeWitt Police getting faster body cams, weapons that look less dangerous

Eli McKownDeWitt Police Chief Brad Ferguson introduces new body cameras, non-lethal alternatives at the DeWitt City Council meeting on Feb. 14. New tools including body cameras, Tasers and other non-lethal weapons are coming to DeWitt, Police Chief Bruce Ferguson told the City Council on Feb. 14. The body cameras are expected to arrive very soon as police completed another round of training this week.

Bags of road salt lie on pallets.

Flush with snow supplies, hardware stores need workers

Ingham County was slammed with snow beginning Wednesday morning and throughout the entire day. Warnings of the impending storm came days before, leading to people panicking and looking for supplies. For hardware stores carrying the essentials like shovels, salt, snowblowers and more — this is what they wait for all year long.