Here’s how South Lansing’s farmers market closed 2022

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As the fall season clearly shows its colors the harvest season is coming to its close.

Upon entering the market one can see people with table stands and vehicles parked nearby. This vendor had their car trunks or doors open to store merchandise.

Kevin Thomas, co-owner of Thomas’ Natural Roots was at a table with many potted plants, bottled seasonings and vegetables. 

Thomas said, “Our company grows many different spices and primarily specializes in peppers. Our company sells pepper seasonings as well as the plant.”

“We grow many variants of peppers including chili peppers, ghost chili peppers, and the Carolina reaper; the hottest pepper in the world.”

Kevin Thomas

As the growing season is nearing its conclusion, the way in which vegetables and fruits are changed for the season.

Thomas said that the company begins fruiting the plants as early as January before the harvest season.

Honey Bun Bakery had a variety of baked goods for the market. Liz Kruger is the founder of the company that bakes brownies, cinnamon rolls, molasses cookies, and “amazing pies”

Kruger said, “I founded the company in 2018 as a hobby. I baked dishes with some help from my husband.”

Kruger said the name of her recalls the passing of her pet cat, which she nicknamed “Honey Bun.”

Customers can expect Honey Bun Bakery to cater during this upcoming holiday season people’s favorite baked goods.

1840 Homestead Farm Fresh Eggs sells not only eggs but many flavors of jam and fruit spread.

Jen Bauer was the vendor on duty that offered customers quail egg samples.

Bauer said, “A quail is much smaller than a chicken or a duck, hence why the eggs are smaller.”

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