RHA hosts first ever “Intentional Leadership” Summit

What happens when you get student leaders together in one spot? They learn to be even better. That was the goal at a summit called “Intentional Leadership.” It included members from the black caucuses to greek life representatives. The student leaders worked in groups for workshops and participated in panel discussion.

Beekeeping program allows veterans to heal themselves and bee population

In the last 15 years, bee colonies have been dying off and scientists aren’t quite sure of the reason. Heroes to Hives is an MSU Extension program where veterans still have the chance to serve by protecting honeybees. In exchange, the work serves as therapy for veterans. Adam Ingrao, an army vet and agricultural entomologist, founded the program in 2015.

Vaping ban has some shops struggling to stay afloat

In September, Michigan became the first state in the country to ban flavored vape products. Governor Gretchen Whitmer took the action after eight respiratory illnesses were linked to the products. Vape shops had until October 1st, 2019 to comply with the vaping ban. Meagan Pederson, manager of Puff Puff Smoke Shop in Lansing, said the store is trying to find ways to stay afloat by selling products that will bypass the ban. On October 4th, Michigan experienced it’s first respiratory related death linked to vaping.

Spartans fans celebrate the first ever Izzo Legacy Walk

Thousands of Spartan fans gathered along with the Men’s Basketball team and coach Tom Izzo to participate in the first Izzo Legacy Run on Michigan State’s campus Saturday, April 13th. At the race, Coach Izzo wasn’t the only one celebrating a great cause. A huge Spartan basketball fan and firefighter for the Camden Police Department, Bob Bates has participated in different 5k’s and marathons all over the country. “It’s all about the veterans and emergency workers,” said Bates. Bates ended up taking home third place for his age group at the race, all while carrying an extra 45 pounds.