RHA hosts first ever “Intentional Leadership” Summit

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Alyssa Burr

RHA Intentional Leadership Summit

What happens when you get student leaders together in one spot? They learn to be even better.

That was the goal at a summit called “Intentional Leadership.”

It included members from the black caucuses to greek life representatives.

The student leaders worked in groups for workshops and participated in panel discussion.

They heard speakers talk about the importance of learning one another’s differences now, before they enter the workforce.

“We have work places that are not inclusive and not equitable,” said Representative Sarah Anthony, D-Lansing. “So college and universities are the perfect place to learn about different cultures and then use those experiences to inform the next step in their lives.”

This was the first year that the event was hosted by the Residence Hall Association (RHA) at Michigan State University.

Organizers feel the event was a big success.

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