Williamston Public Schools hire school nurse

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During the Williamston School Board of Education meeting, the board unanimously approved hiring Amanda Gailitis as the district’s new school nurse. 

This is the first school nurse Williamston Public Schools in the district’s history. 

“This is probably the quickest hiring process we’ve ever had,” said Spina. “That doesn’t mean it was rushed. We had found out we had received a grant to support this position, and we kind of figured why wait.”

Recently hired school nurse Amanda Gailitis speaks at Monday’s school board meeting. The board unanimously approved Gailitis as the school nurse. 
Video Credit: Williamston Community Schools Youtube Channel

Spina was uncertain about the hiring process due to the fact that this had been the first time in the entire school district’s history that they have been able to hire a school nurse. 

With the job position a competitive one, however, Spina found Gailitis as the best choice, describing her experience as one of the factors that set her apart.

“One of the big things Amanda brings to the table is not only pediatric nursing experience but also six to seven years as a school nurse, said Spina.” “Having someone with that experience and can assist on how to element that role in effective and efficient matter is extremely important.” 

Gailitis’ office will be at Explorer Elementary but the position will circulate around the district. 

Board of Education President Nancy Deal said it was an exciting opportunity for the district. Making it a priority for a school the size of Williamston was impressive.

“This is a really exciting time for Williamston,” said Deal. “I think this board has made it a priority to really buckle down and for a school our size to be able to have this position is really exciting.”

Making the district focus on the health and safety of the students was the goal of this hire. Having the gratification of knowing that the students’ safety was unanimously supported is a prideful moment for Deal.

Gailitis was an easy fit.

“Looking at the whole child health and safety and every aspect, ” said Deal. “I think this is a proud moment for our district.”

Gailitis was also excited that the school is investing in child health and safety.

For a school that has never had a nurse before, having the experience Gailitis has when it comes to school nursing, allows the position to start strong.

“Just how exciting it is seeing you investing in student health and I’m just so excited to come support your staff and students, ” said Gailitis.

Williamston School Board voting on the recommendation of hiring a school nurse. This will be the first school nurse in the entire history of Williamston schools
Audio Credit: Williamston Community Schools Youtube Channel

Williamston School Board meetings are held at the Williamston Middle School multi-purpose room. Agendas and minutes are posted as soon as they are available for the meeting For additional information as well as dates for the meeting, visit gowcs.net or call the District Board at 517-655-4361 ext. 510. 

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