Okemos Library showcases renovations

By Madeline Carino
Meridian Times staff writer

After a year of fundraising and about three months of construction, the Okemos Library proudly displays its long-overdue renovations. The library reopened on Thursday, Jan. 2. So far, the public has had positive reactions toward the renovations said Betsy Hull, head librarian. The new features include a main entrance area, improved parking, upgraded wiring and technology, a Quiet Reading Room, a World Languages Area and an overall openness to the library.

Downtown Lansing Library offers many things to many people



LANSING – No one likes throwing away money, right? However, if you don’t use your local public library, you are doing just that. Your property taxes are paying for a variety of different services at the Capital Area District Library’s Downtown Lansing branch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmQRjrknNMg

“A lot of people use their libraries when their kids are young, and then they kind of lose the habit. If they haven’t been in the library for a while, I’d like them to come in and see that we’re doing – classes, we’re doing programming, we’re doing downloadables,” said head librarian Kathy Johnson.