In wake of school shootings elsewhere, Mason schools working to keep everyone safe

What seems like an increase in school violence attacks may not be the case due to the media but that still hasn’t stopped schools in Mason from protecting the students. While Mason has had a few instances where precautionary measures were needed to be taken, the six schools have never had to deal with anything serious like what happened in Florida, said Superintendent of Mason Public Schools Ronald Drzewicki. Parents are always going to show concern for their children, especially at school when there are so many other students. With the schools protected, the staff is talking with the students on what to do in any situation instead of spending more money for protection. Mason Police Officer Jeremiah Budd, the school’s contact officer said, “It would be a long process to redue the security …

Districts showcase opportunities for prospective students

The annual Lansing School District Showcase took place at the Don Johnson Fieldhouse on Feb. 11. This event provided an opportunity for the community to experience what students are learning within the classroom and see what changes the Lansing Pathway Promise has made in the district. The Lansing Pathway Promise is a $120 million school millage that was approved by voters in May 2016, according to the Lansing State Journal. This allowed the district to be redefined into three “paths” students could take to become successful in cutting-edge skills for college and future jobs.

To have space, or not to have space: Red Cedar Elementary and schools of choice

With the new Red Cedar Elementary and other school renovations over the next few years, what will happen with school of choice? East Lansing Board of Education Trustee Nichole Martin said some theories state that the opening of Red Cedar will bring in more students from other districts, but that is not her understanding. Martin said that besides Red Cedar, each elementary school will be built to hold 290 students. This is a smaller capacity than they hold now. By time the renovation happens, some current students in elementary school will have moved to the middle schools.

Poetry Room inspires Everett High School students

The Poetry Room is a new company that allows people to express themselves with poetry open mics and that is now going to different areas to host smaller open mic nights. Grace Carras and Masaki Takahashi own the Reotown company. It’s located in the Robin Theatre and has events the last Tuesday of every month. Events not only are open mics, but joke telling and musicians. Other workshops have been held at Strange Matter Coffee.

Aaliyah Nye working on her shot while at practice

East Lansing girls basketball focuses on championship dreams

Head coach Rob Smith has established himself as a top-tier leader for the East Lansing Lady Trojans for more than 15 years. He recently reached a career milestone of 300 wins as their head coach, and his team is ranked number 2 in the Class A division in the state and went into the playoffs undefeated.