MSU to introduce new allergen free dining hall

An all allergen friendly dining hall is coming to campus this fall 2019. The new add on to campus will make it the tenth campus venue to offer all-you-care to eat options for all students, especially ones with a food related allergy. The new addition to campus will be located where the Riverwalk is on campus, right inside of Owen hall. It will be made accessible for those also surrounding the Shaw and McDonnell area as well. “We’re going to have Owen Hall be allergen free from the top eight from sesame and gluten.

An MSU student is helping children cope with their anxiety through reading

A book that first started out as just something for a MSU senior to do in her free time is now her very first published piece of work. Hannah Safferman is a senior here at Michigan State University. Not only is she that, she is also the author of  ‘It’s OK To Be Anxious.’ A children’s book that focuses on helping with coping mechanisms for children with anxiety. Safferman studies elementary education and childhood development here at MSU and wants children to know that the emotions they are feeling are okay and that they are not alone.

Michigan State University appoints third president in less than a year

Michigan State University has appointed Satish Udpa as its new acting interim president on January 17, 2019. Udpa was appointed after former President John Engler was asked to step down after comments made on survivors regarding the Larry Nassar case. Udpa has held many positions here at MSU and was also the former College of Engineering Dean. Appointed by the Board of Trustees, new member of the board Kelly Tebay said in a statement, “I think we are looking forward to seeing a much-needed change in tone from the top and the beginnings of healing on campus, as well as the start to changing the culture. Acting President Udpa brings a calm and steady hand that I think we need, and a commitment to better leadership from our administration.

‘Anastasia’ at the Wharton Center

EAST LANSING – Inspired by films beloved by many, ‘Anastasia’ is playing at the Wharton Center’s Cobb Great Hall, January 15-20, 2019 as part of the MSU Federal Credit Union, Broadway at Wharton Center Series. This adaption stems from the 1997 Disney animation version of Anastasia. The story follows a young girl, Anya, on the journey of finding out who she really is. The story takes place in 1916 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Rock out with ‘School of Rock’ at the Wharton this weekend

EAST LANSING- Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Broadway and West End hit, School of Rock – The Musical, is playing at the Wharton Center’s Cobb Great Hall, September 18-23, 2018 as part of the MSU Federal Credit Union, Broadway at Wharton Center Series. The adaption is based on the hit 2003 film starring Jack Black. The story follows Dewey Finn, a failed, wannabe rock star who decides to make a bit of extra cash by posing as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school. While there, he turns a class of straight-A students into a phenomenal rock band. Finn ends up falling for the school’s beautiful, but uptight headmistress, helping her to rediscover the child within her.

Lansing community seeks initiatives to promote school safety

The Lansing Community is implementing new ways to promote safety within their school districts. With recent headlines involving mass school shootings and gun violence, students, parents and faculty members would like to see changes within their communities. Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth said Lansing is taking a stand on gun violence to promote a safer community for children. “So one of the things we instituted after the Parkland shooting in Florida is the ‘Sheriff Safer School Initiative’,” said Wriggelsworth. “What that really revolves around is having our deputies carve out an hour or two out of their workweek to spend in a school that they’re assigned.

Michigan State students react to spring snow shower

It has now been more than two weeks since the seasonal transition into spring, but it seems mother nature did not get the memo. On April 4, the city of East Lansing experiences 27 mph winds, close to an inch of snowfall and temperature reached a high of 33 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 23 degrees. In the week ahead, the cold temperature is predicted to remain steady. According to the 10-day weather forecast, East Lansing is expected to receive two more snow showers between now and April 11. Temperatures will not exceed 50 degrees until April 12.

Neuroscience club promotes how to keep your brain young and healthy

The Michigan State University Neuroscience Club held an event at Strange Matter Coffee Co. located in Lansing on Sunday, March 25. The purpose of the event was to highlight and bring awareness to how to keep the brain young and healthy, along with shedding light on mental health. The event was entitled, ‘Sunday Morning Science: Keeping Your Brain Young’. Katherine Hagman, MSU Science Festival Assistant Coordinator, said what she wants people to learn from the event.