Fast green locomotives coming to Michigan

By KAREN HOPPER USHER Capital News Service LANSING — Greener trains are coming to the Great Lakes region. Technically, they’re locomotives. That’s the part of the train that does the pushing or the pulling. The Siemens Chargers, which are due … Continue reading →

Scientists team up to track fish

By MAX JOHNSTON Capital News Service LANSING — Biologists and scientists have teamed up to track fish across the Great Lakes using sound—a literal Great Lakes echo. It’s like the world’s biggest game of Marco Polo, but with fish. The … Continue reading →

UP scientists writes guide to fruit flies

By CARIN TUNNEY Capital News Service LANSING — A common ancestor of fruit flies and humans emerged about 600 million years ago, long before the formation of the earth’s continents as we know them today. Scientists discovered the link in … Continue reading →

Invasive species gang up on native crayfish

By NATASHA BLAKELY Capital News Service LANSING — Invasive species in the Great Lakes are ganging up against native species. A new study looking into invasive zebra and quagga mussels’ relationship with invasive rusty crayfish illustrates how the harm they … Continue reading →

May 30, 2017 CNS Budget

To: CNS Editors From: Eric Freedman & Dave Poulson For technical problems, contact CNS technical manager Pechulano Ali, (517) 940-2313, For other questions contact Eric Freedman,, (517) 355-4729. CLIMATE CHANGE PACKAGE: CNS, in partnership with Great Lakes … Continue reading →

5 things to prepare for climate change

By KAREN HOPPER USHER Capital News Service LANSING — Climate change can feel daunting. What’s an ordinary person supposed to do about chemicals in the air making the planet radically hotter? While it’s true that there are things you can … Continue reading →

Climate change: a tourist trap

By JACK NISSEN Capital News Service LANSING — In 2015, Crystal Mountain Lodge in Thompsonville was saved by an unlikely rescuer: summer. For the first time, strong summer business bailed out the Northern Michigan ski resort due to the previous … Continue reading →