Lansing community criticizes self-storage business proposal

“I know folks who are in the business and they will admit to me, off the record, that it is a cash cow business. Creates almost no economic impact, really preys upon transient and vulnerable populations frankly… the industry tends to absolutely trap you in this vicious cycle of financial dependency,” said Adam Hussain, Lansing City Council’s 3rd ward member. At a Lansing City Council meeting on Feb. 13, Mike Olsen represented Devon Self-Storage during a presentation in front of council members and Lansing residents. Olsen has been vice president of acquisitions at the company since Jan.

All white clergy apologizes ‘to the African American community for slavery and its aftermath’ at Lansing event

“As white Christians, we repent of our complicity in the belief in white supremacy: the belief that people of European descent are superior in intelligence, skills, imagination, and perseverance.” This statement was made in unison by an all-white group of Lansing clergy to fellow clergy of color. In his welcome speech and opening prayer, Reachout Christian Center’s Pastor David Foreman introduced a gathering of an all-white clergy who were present to “apologize for the sins of slavery and its aftermath,” as well as a presentation on a reparations model pledged by majority white houses of worship in Lansing. Hosted by the Justice League of Greater Lansing, the Jan. 28 event was held to “repair the breach caused by centuries of slavery, inequality of wealth accumulation, and the failure to live into God’s Plan of equality for all of humanity,” said a public flyer from the JLGLM released to attendees of the ceremony. 

The group was founded in June 2021 by JLGLM’s vice president Willye Bryan. According to the organization’s website, the Justice League is a faith-based organization that makes “the connection between faith and racial justice in the form of reparations.”

Prince Solace began the service and introduced each member of the organization who spoke to the audience.