COVID-19 is causing chaos in grocery stores

It’s like the holiday rush, shoppers in a frenzy. 

COVID-19 has created chaos all over the world, including a place you might not expect: grocery stores. Shoppers have been scrambling to buy whatever is left, but there isn’t much. “I’m here ‘til like 10 and I don’t see it slowing down that much,” Meijer employee Dylan S. said. But the hot commodity isn’t a run on turkeys, it’s toilet paper. “Every store you go to, it seems like everyone’s bought toilet paper,” Jean Schlicklin said.  “They’re trying to restock them, but they can’t get them restocked quick enough.”

Toilet paper isn’t the only thing people have stocked up on.

Two men arrested for retail crimes spree across mid-Michigan

By Cydni Robinson
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

DEWITT — Two men, ages 39 and 40 years old, who were arrested by Bay County Sheriff Department at the end of a recent alleged retail theft spree could face charges in Clinton County for part of that spree. The two men, who allegedly went from store to store in the mid-Michigan area, had their case forwarded to the Clinton County Prosecutor’s Office for consideration of charges of organized retail crime for a reported theft from the DeWitt Township Meijer store last month. Originally no one knew who they were until Bay County Sheriff Department was alerted by different Meijer stores that these guys had allegedly been doing crimes all across Michigan, says Chief of DeWitt Township Brian Russell. The police report says a Meijer asset protection officer has been working on a case that has affected nine Meijer stores in the Mid Michigan area. On March 29 their alleged target was the Meijer supermarket on 12821 Crossover Drive, DeWitt Township.

CATA is a critical part of Meridian Township

By Riley James
Meridian Times Staff Reporter

Imagine living without a form of transportation. Many people in Meridian Township rely on the CATA bus system to get them to and from destinations within the town. “[Without the CATA bus system] we would have a couple of different types of problems,” said Julie Brixie, treasurer and CATA board member of Meridian Township. “One would be that traffic congestion would be remarkably higher than it is today. [Secondly,] I believe that some of our bigger employers in the area, including Meridian Mall and Meijer, would have difficulty getting some of their employees to work, and they might have a harder time filling some of the positions that they have.

Meridian Meijer makes for a beneficial asset

By Riley James
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

OKEMOS—Imagine not having a Meijer in Meridian Township. Imagine having to drive longer than 10 minutes just to shop at Meijer. Imagine how much different would the community be. About an average of 50,000 shop at this Meijer per week, according to Chris Wilson, the store director of the Okemos Meijer. He said the Okemos Meijer is one of the busier Meijers in the area.

Townships appeal tax breaks for big box retailers

Capital News Service
LANSING — The battle against a property tax advantage for big box retailers has been taken to the Michigan Court of Appeals. Large retailers such as Meijer, Target and Best Buy can appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal to have their properties assessed at the “true cash value” which usually results in lower property taxes. The communities with big box stores lose tax revenue. “True cash value” is defined by the tax tribunal as the “fair market value or the usual selling price of property.”

Tax tribunal decsions in favor of a Home Depot in Breitung Township and a Lowe’s in Marquette Township were recently fought in the Court of Appeals. Attorney Stacy Hissong represented both townships in the appeal.