Two men arrested for retail crimes spree across mid-Michigan

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By Cydni Robinson
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

DEWITT — Two men, ages 39 and 40 years old, who were arrested by Bay County Sheriff Department at the end of a recent alleged retail theft spree could face charges in Clinton County for part of that spree.

The two men, who allegedly went from store to store in the mid-Michigan area, had their case forwarded to the Clinton County Prosecutor’s Office for consideration of charges of organized retail crime for a reported theft from the DeWitt Township Meijer store last month.

Originally no one knew who they were until Bay County Sheriff Department was alerted by different Meijer stores that these guys had allegedly been doing crimes all across Michigan, says Chief of DeWitt Township Brian Russell.

The police report says a Meijer asset protection officer has been working on a case that has affected nine Meijer stores in the Mid Michigan area.

On March 29 their alleged target was the Meijer supermarket on 12821 Crossover Drive, DeWitt Township.

Video surveillance indicated the first suspect allegedly entered the store and heading to the electronic department, police said.

He was allegedly seen picking up a Pebble watch and placing it in his front pocket. He was then seen exiting the electronic department with his hands in his coat pockets heading to the back of the store to the bathrooms, police said.

The second suspect was allegedly seen walking toward the electronics department. He too picked up a Pebble watch, then headed to the electronic door bells area but was not seen taking a door bell. He was then seen coming from the back of the store where the bathrooms were as well, said Robbins.

According to the police report each suspect allegedly stole a Pebble watch valued at $249.99 each, and one stole a ring video doorbell valued at $199.99.

The security devices that were on both Pebble watches and doorbells are called spider wraps. They have wire that runs around all four sides of the packaging and are gathered by a circular device. When one or any of the wires are cut the device releases a beeping noise, a police report said.

Those devices were found in the toilet under water and in a trash can under trash in the men’s bathroom in the back of the store, the report said.

The two suspects allegedly have prior convictions in Miami, Florida ranging from first- and third-degree larceny, second-degree robbery, third-degree grand theft and third-degree grand theft auto. Also, they have allegedly faced retail fraud third-degree charges in Michigan, said the report.

The theft is consistent to the other Meijer stores theft of Pebble watches, said the asset protection officer.

The DeWitt incident was among larcenies that occurred over seven days, with product valuing $6,075.96 being stolen or attempted to be stolen with the same two men seen at each incident, the report said.

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