Six Lansing-area fire stations receive grant

At fire departments, training happens all the time. It’s essential to the safety of both the firefighters and the people they protect, and according to Delhi Township Fire Chief Brian Ball, that training is about to get a lot easier, thanks a one million dollar state grant dispersed to six Lansing-area fire stations. “Instead of Delhi having to build and staff two more fire stations, I can use the city of Lansing for assistance and trust that they’ve been trained at the same level as Delhi as Delta, as Lansing Township or Meridian or East Lansing,” he said. Ball also said that the grant will allow for more up-to-date, specialized equipment. “We’ll get ballistic helmets, ballistic vests, we’ll get more medical treatment equipment, cots, studio monitor reviews, CPR machines,” he said.

East Lansing Seeks Redevelopment Project

East Lansing buildings on the corners of Grand River, Abbot, and Evergreen roads could soon be getting a makeover. In the November election, East Lansing residents will vote on the proposed park district plan to redevelop the land, which has vacant for more than ten years. The vote is to authorize the sale of land from the city, to a  developer. Darcy Schmitt is the Zoning and Planning Administrator for the City of East Lansing. She hopes the proposal is passed.

East Lansing and Lansing Taxicabs Could Face New Regulations

Jamil Jabeer is a cab driver and owner of Jay’s Cab Company. He say’s it’s tough making a living as a cab driver, but now it might be even tougher with newly proposed regulations that city officials say will help those who use taxi services. The new regulations call for meters in cabs, something that isn’t currently regulated. Up to now, drivers usually charge a flat fee. “Minimum charge is $6 dollars for each person,” Jabeer said.

Chandler Crossings Fire Displaces MSU Students

As black smoke filled the air, MSU students living in Chandler Crossings building six could only hope for the best. Laura Armando is a Michigan State Senior, and one of 36 students who had to evacuate. “I thought someone just left the burner on, or something like that. I thought it was funny. I started Snap-Chatting, and all of a sudden, I look over, and the entire roof is in flames,” Armando said.

Focal Point Fall 2014 [Show 2]

A fire at Chandlers Crossing in East Lansing has displaced dozens of residents. Michigan elections are right around the corner, and voters need to be aware of polling changes. And, Batman and Superman recently made a visit to MSU’s campus. Some students got to be extras in the movie. Focal Point is an Emmy awarding winning, student produced newscast from the School of Journalism at Michigan State University.

Micayla Robertson, Tyler Clifford, Focal Point

Focal Point Fall 2014 [Show 1]

A new Capital region taxi authority could allow for easier access for drivers and riders between East Lansing and Lansing. Trowbridge Plaza is getting a facelift. Find out how businesses are faring during the construction. And, former Spartan and ESPN personality Jemele Hill was the Grand Marshall for this year’s homecoming week at MSU.