Low gas prices mean big savings, but do drivers notice?

By Blake Froling
Ingham County Chronicle

The pain most people experience when looking at the rising digits at the gas pump is slightly easier to bear nowadays. Gas prices hit rock bottom in the past few months, reaching their lowest figures in years. But some consumers do not see much difference in the savings each time they fill up. Prices in Lansing dipped below $1.80 per gallon in January, the first time this has happened since late 2008. This should come as a welcome relief to drivers who had to shell out almost twice that amount in August.

Drivers enjoy drop in gas prices

By Irum Ibrahim
Entirely East Lansing

In just the past month, gas prices in East Lansing have dropped to their lowest in almost an entire year, and are reckoned to continue dropping in coming months. Admiral Gas Station, at Chadwell Street and MI-78, carries regular gas for the lowest price in East Lansing at $2.98 per gallon according to Detroit Gas Prices. While the nationwide price of regular gas is approximately $3.29 per gallon, East Lansing residents are spending about $3.15 per gallon on average. “I’m not one who pays much attention to gas prices, but I got a full tank of 12 gallons for less than $50 just the other night. It was surprising, but in a good way of course,” said an elderly woman at the Shell gas station on Grand River Avenue.