Drivers enjoy drop in gas prices

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Admiral Gas Station on Grand River Ave. welcomes customers with a price of $2.75 for unleaded gas.

By Irum Ibrahim
Entirely East Lansing

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In just the past month, gas prices in East Lansing have dropped to their lowest in almost an entire year, and are reckoned to continue dropping in coming months.

Admiral Gas Station, at Chadwell Street and MI-78, carries regular gas for the lowest price in East Lansing at $2.98 per gallon according to Detroit Gas Prices. While the nationwide price of regular gas is approximately $3.29 per gallon, East Lansing residents are spending about $3.15 per gallon on average.

“I’m not one who pays much attention to gas prices, but I got a full tank of 12 gallons for less than $50 just the other night. It was surprising, but in a good way of course,” said an elderly woman at the Shell gas station on Grand River Avenue.

Another gas buyer, Aquila Hussain, who studies at Michigan State University and commutes from Okemos every morning, said that she recently noticed the changed gas prices and is pleased by the drop.

“I’ll be driving home at night around 10 p.m. and I’ll see gas at $3, $3.01 or $3.02. I can’t remember the last time I saw something like that. Gas prices are randomly dropping and I’m very confused as to why,” Hussain said.

According to Bloomberg, the rates of crude oil have been falling, and have just hit their lowest in 17 months. analyst Tom Kloza, have said that the United States is currently producing approximately 3.5 million barrels of crude oil than it has been since 2010, or during the first Arab Spring.

He suspects that gas prices will continue to drop, at least throughout the fall.

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