Swallowtail Farm open through winter

By Cameron Dunlap
The Mason Times

With the hot summer days behind us, Swallowtail Farm of Mason isn’t going to let the upcoming cold weather put a damper on its business. After becoming certified through the Michigan Department of Agriculture to begin production of preserves for distribution last year, Swallowtail decided to add a large hoop house to extend its growing seasons. Swallowtail, known for its U-pick raspberries plans on having a selection of salad greens including lettuce, spinach, pepper, Asian greens, baby kale, cucumbers, beets, pumpkins, butternut squash and even eggs for the winter. All vegetables are free of synthetic chemicals

Pumpkins come in various sizes for all carving, decorating and eating needs, with prices ranging between $2 and $5. Butternut squash is 50 cents a pound.

Last winter’s chilly legacy: fall colors slower to peak

Capital News Service
LANSING – Fall colors aren’t exploding as uniformly in the Great Lakes region as they have in the past. Experts say that’s because of last winter’s extreme cold. NASA satellite images show fall colors beginning to appear in the Upper Peninsula in late September. Fall color tours are a tourist attraction promoted by the state’s Pure Michigan advertising campaign. About 2 million people traveled throughout the state for fall color tours last year, according to Michelle Grinnell, the travel public relations manager for Pure Michigan.