Is my hair included on my resume?


Standards for most professional environments, is tailored pants or skirt, blazers and blouses, heels and ties. But is natural hair included on a resume? Most professional employers would agree that hair in a professional setting should be well groomed, clean and in a natural color state. When it comes to men and women with natural, heat and chemical-free hair styles such as afros, dreads, braids, and curls, the question of are you are good enough starts.   

Although, the “big chop” wave is on the rise and natural hairstyles are more embraced today, African-Americans are facing dilemmas in the workplace wearing their natural hair.

Focal Point Spring 2013 [Show 1]

The recent confession from Lance Armstrong may have some cyclists concerned for the future of the sport. The MSU Professors in the Advertising, Retailing, and Public Relations departments gathered for the 16th year to watch and rate the commercials during the Super Bowl. And, the MSU Jazz Department recently received a grant from the Michigan State Federal Credit Union for $1 Million. Focal Point is an Emmy awarding winning, student produced newscast from the School of Journalism at Michigan State University.