What to wear: April showers or May flowers


With the weather changing and fashion styles changing with it, how do you decide what to wear with this confusing weather? Just this week, Michiganders experienced snow, rain, wind and sunshine. When the weather changes, so does a person’s style. Students on Michigan State’s campus gave tips on what to keep in your closet during these confusing weather times. MSU communication graduate Maya Askew defines herself as fashionable.

Is my hair included on my resume?


Standards for most professional environments, is tailored pants or skirt, blazers and blouses, heels and ties. But is natural hair included on a resume? Most professional employers would agree that hair in a professional setting should be well groomed, clean and in a natural color state. When it comes to men and women with natural, heat and chemical-free hair styles such as afros, dreads, braids, and curls, the question of are you are good enough starts.   

Although, the “big chop” wave is on the rise and natural hairstyles are more embraced today, African-Americans are facing dilemmas in the workplace wearing their natural hair.