Township officials upset about mailing absentee ballots out late

Meridian Township Board members blasted the township’s clerk at its most recent meeting for mailing absentee ballots out late. The rest of the agenda included updates on the new marihuana dispensaries and Michigan State University’s solar panel project.

Absentee ballots are in high demand in Williamston

The consolidation of precincts  

The Bureau of Elections offered the option of consolidating two precincts into one to allow for the creation of an AV Counting Board.  The consolidation would free up one of the tabulators to be able to have an AV Counting Board at no cost. City Clerk of Williamston Holly Thompson also mentioned how a mass mailing was sent out to citizens of Williamston, offering the option to be placed on a permanent AV list to “vote from home” which, she added, has been positively received by the community. 

The new consolidation of one precinct (via city of Williamston website). “I do feel the option of ‘no reason AV voting’ will increase voting participation by reminding voters there is an upcoming election and getting the ballots directly into their hands,” Thompson said when asked if voting participation will change. With people living very busy lives, voting from home ensures one to have plenty of time to vote and get in the ballot before the deadline. 

Proposal 18-3 allowed anyone to vote no matter the reason. The impact on local residents 

Even from a non-elected officials’ point of view, the ballots are a big deal.

No-excuse absentee voting faces its first primary election

On March 10, 15 Democrats and four Republicans will be on the presidential primary election ballot. With Michigan’s new voting laws approved in November 2018, it is easier than ever to vote. Michigan now allows registered voters to request  absentee ballots from their local or city clerks’ office without giving an excuse. According to the Secretary of State’s office, applications for an absentee ballot must be filled out in writing. The deadline to request a mailed absentee ballot is 5 p.m. March 6.

WATCH: President Trump’s Impeachment Acquittal, Turkey Plane Crash, and the Super Bowl Parade

President Trump spoke at the White House following his impeachment acquittal. He stated it was hard to like those who voted to impeach him and praised his supporters. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi expressed her concerns on the President. In Turkey, a plane crash took the lives of three people and injured 180 more. The crash is being investigated and new information has yet to be released.

Supreme Court rejects redistricting in Michigan

The Supreme Court has rejected a ruling that would have required district lines to be redrawn in Michigan. In April, three federal judges, including two from Michigan and one from the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, ruled the current lines are drawn unconstitutionally to benefit the G.O.P. before the 2020 election. They said it suppressed Democratic voters. Two months later, the Supreme Court voted 5-4 they have no place to determine partisan gerrymandering cases. On October 21st, they dismissed the case entirely.

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