COVID-19 creates further financial burden: Will relief come?

While Congress and the White House put overturning the election ahead of COVID-19 relief, college students against across the country are waiting and struggling.

What would they do withe the money? Pay rent, pay down bills, be able to pay tuition to stay in school or get career-related exoerience.

Decision 2020 has arrived and voters are fired up

After months of campaigning, candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s fate rests in the hands of voters. Accessibility to voting has never been more expanded, and with a record-breaking 100 million votes cast before Election Day, many are still waiting to cast their ballot in-person.

Sneakers form the V in the word vote chalked on pavement

Voters get candid about their opinions as decision 2020 approaches

2020 has been a year of unprecedented events, and to top it off we have an election with much on the line including the economy, climate change, health care, civil rights, racial justice, the U.S. Supreme Court and others. 

In 2016 candidate Donald Trump won Michigan by a handful of votes, but in 2020 Michigan seems to be leaning toward becoming a blue state. In DeWitt, the opinions of the candidates about the future of the country differ. 

One student at DeWitt High School poured out her concern about candidate Trump being re-elected. “I really don’t see how anyone could vote for that man. He’s a liar,” said Izabella Moore, 16. “The biggest issues that concern me are abortion rights, climate change, better health care amid a pandemic, and most importantly racial justice since I’m half Black, but I feel like the president doesn’t do anything for the issues I care about.