Michiganders enthused on raising the minimum wage

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Presidential candidate Joe Biden supported a $15 federal minimum wage in a debate with President Donald J. Trump, reflecting sentiments in Michigan.

In Michigan the hourly minimum wage is $9.65 an hour. Even though this is higher than the national average, not everyone claims this is enough.

One leasing agent for DTN out of DeWitt emphasizes raising the minimum wage.

Anna Spizziri said, “It’s difficult talking about this subject because I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I don’t see anyone benefiting from just $9.65 an hour. … In general things are expensive, so the minimum wage should reflect that so people can afford basic needs like food … even though I make compensation with my job it can still be a hassle to afford things.”

Many students work or take out loans to pay for their education and then have to cover rent, food, utilities and the social expenses that should be part of college life.

A Michigan State University student of DeWitt details why the minimum wage should be raised to $15 an hour in Michigan. 

“I do pay for my own education, so I’m going to face some obstacles in the future,” said Tala Abolibdeh. “On top of the enormous debt that I’m going to have to pay off some day I also have to pay for everyday necessities. Rent is also ridiculously expensive, so I can barely afford that. If the minimum wage was raised to $15 an hour It would be easier to save more money, but right now with it only being $9.65 an hour it’s just not going to cut it.”

Is a $15 federal minimum wage plausible?

The downsides to raising the minimum wage would be that products and services would cost more. Raising the minimum wage would cut jobs as not every business can afford it.

One Starbucks worker isn’t completely sold on the idea of an increased minimum wage, but is hopeful that there can be a better plan in place to get paid more. 

Aadyn Bauroth said, “working for Starbucks is a difficult job because I’m constantly running around due to how busy we always are. I do sometimes think that I should make more than just $9.65 an hour … I don’t think it’s realistic to have business pay workers $15 an hour because how are they supposed to get that money to pay us? There needs to be a compromise between the workers and government so that everyone benefits in some way.”

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